5 Inspiring Steampunk Art Illustrators and Directors

Nowadays, the broad world of science fiction art is hard to define, as it combines various unique subcultures and elements. Among the unique and not-so-mainstream ones is steampunk art.

While many consider steampunk as old-fashioned or even “dead”, the genre lives and continues to inspire artists to this day. Yes, it’s true that no laser blades are glowing around, nor an AI is threatening the world from world domination but there is another charm to it.

Steampunk is a window to the past, specifically the 1800s. It’s a fusion of fiction and industrial technology that brings an old, yet unfamiliar world that never was and never will be.

What Is Steampunk Art?

Steampunk art is a fictional artwork, inspired by industrial technology. While the style and fashion greatly resemble the Victorian Era, the genre breaks the limits of reality, by combining additional horror or fantasy settings. A plausible steampunk environment could be a post-apocalyptic world, an American wild west, or good old gloomy London with advanced gadgets and zeppelins flying in the sky. Whatever the settings, the typical elements of every steampunk art remain copper, brass, iron, steel, and lots of steam.

List of Steampunk Art illustrators and Directors

It’s difficult to come across inspiring steampunk art, as the genre still remains a niche. Furthermore, it is no easy job to create gadgets or machinery that looks futuristic and retro at the same time.

Many of the steampunk artwork we find remain nameless and unappreciated. As a result, we decided to list five steampunk artists who, we believe, have greatly contributed to the genre and have left a mark, worth admiring.

1. The Dishonored Characters of Cedric Peyravernay

Cedric Peyravernay is a French freelance concept artist and the mind behind the character design of Dishonored. He is also the creator of “Sokolov’s Paintings” which are collectible works of art items in the game. In general, his art could be defined as dark and mysterious. What makes his characters alive is their imperfection. Often, their sharp facial features transmit strong emotions of sorrow, anger, and strength.

2. Viktor Antonov’s City of Dunwall

The Bulgarian conceptual artist and video game art director is best known for his work on Half-Life 2, and Dishonoured. Antonov has worked for major game developer companies like Arkane Studios, Bethesda Game Studios, and currently ZeniMax Media.

His passion and touch for Steampunk are well noted in his cities, full of steam, mystery, and peculiar vehicles such as the whale-oil-powered rail car.

Screenshots by Digital Frontiers, Dishonored game.

3. Steampunk Star Wars by Bjorn Hurri

Bjorn Hurri’s artwork doesn’t limit itself to a single genre and his rich portfolio and experience are proof of that. He did a fantastic job transforming some of our favorite Star Wars characters, giving them a little retro touch of the 1800s. Hard to imagine, right? Let his art speak for itself.

For more of his Steampunk Star Wars characters, visit the official article by ConceptArtWorld.

Hurri is not only an illustrator and concept artist for video games. He also has a great passion for IP development, creating worlds from scratch. He has been working in major games like Hitman, Fortnite, League of Legends, Bioshock 2, and many more Check out his official page for more projects and information.

4. Oguzhan Kar: The Master of Lights

Thanks to his experience and studies in Architecture, the Turkish environment and lighting artist can introduce you to various and peculiar fictional worlds. In this article, however, we focus solely on his steampunk projects.

Kar can bring you on a tour of his Victorian metro station, where he builds everything from scratch, including the lightning.

And if that’s not enough, he modeled and built an entire Steampunk city together with Leartes studios. Apart from the fascinating buildings, giant cogs, and flying zeppelins, the lighting effects are what make this city even more vibrant. You can have a peek at it in the video below, or even purchase it on Unreal Engine Marketplace.

5. Didier Graffet and His Beautiful Victorian Inventions

While the Steampunk genre can be interpreted in many ways, the world of Graffet is rather bright, adventurous, and welcoming. The steampunk artist began his journey as an independent illustrator of fictional work until he joined the Jules Verne studio. His talents expand to the movie industry, as well, where he undertook the role of an art director for the movie Passage to Mars.

Unlike some of the before mentioned artists, Graffet’s illustrations focus on mechanical inventions and the typical colors for the genre, such as golden, brown, and blue. His advanced industrial technology is always detailed and impressive, defying the limits of creativity and imagination.

For more art, visit his official page.

Disclaimer: None of the artwork in this article belongs to Vremennik. Please, visit the artists’ official page to purchase or support their work.

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