The Forest Best Mods and How to Install Them

There’s a small but passionate community creating mods for The Forest which truly deserve credit for its dedication. The Forest is one of the best crafting/survival games released in recent years. However, as it’s common for many games, there’s always something that could be changed or some mechanics that can be improved. To quench your thirst for change, here’s our selection of the best mods for The Forest.

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
    1. How to Install The Forest Mods
      1. How to set up ModAPI Hub
      2. How to install mods in ModAPI Hub
      3. How to manage mods in the ModAPI Hub app
    2. The Forest Mods
      1. Overhauls & Mechanics
        1. Player Upgrade Points (PUP)
        2. Champions of The Forest
      2. Building & Crafting
        1. Building But Better
        2. Better Blueprints
        3. SpaciousHolders
        4. Easy Building
        5. Anti Log Despawn
      3. Player and Mechanics
        1. NoAutoAggression
        2. Inner Clock
        3. SleepTimer
        4. Map
        5. Quick Zoom
        6. Days Extender

How to Install The Forest Mods

The Forest doesn’t have its own Steam Workshop or Vortex support, there is instead an API called ModAPI Hub which does the trick. It’s really easy to use and its U.I. is pretty straightforward. You can download mods from their website and use the application to manage them. As we’re about to see, all it’s very simple and well done.

How to set up ModAPI Hub

  • Go to ModAPI Hub
  • Scroll down until you see the “Download” button
  • Click on Download
  • Extract the .zip file into a folder of your choice (NOT in the Steam folder)
  • Open the folder where you extracted the zipped content
  • Open ModAPI.exe to start the app

How to install mods in ModAPI Hub

  • Go to the mod page in ModAPI Hub
  • On the right side of the screen, click on the download button
  • Find the .mod file in your browser’s downloads folder
  • Copy the .mod file
  • Paste the .mod file in “mods” > “TheForest” of your “ModAPI Hub” folder (where ModAPI.exe is)

How to manage mods in the ModAPI Hub app

  • Open ModAPI.exe to start the app
  • In the Mods tab, you have a list of all the installed mods
  • Left click on the square next to the name of the mods that you want to activate (you’ll see a tick if active)
  • Left click on the tick next to the name of the mods that you want to deactivate (you’ll see an empty square if inactive)
  • Once completed your selection, click on “+ Start game” in the bottom right corner of the U.I.
Video from Farket

The Forest Mods

Overhauls & Mechanics

Player Upgrade Points (PUP)

PUP adds RPG elements to the game including an XP system based on killing enemies and destroying effigies. There’s also a leveling system that grants skill points to spend in some passive abilities like health regeneration, attack speed or weapon damage.

Champions of The Forest

From the same author of PUP, another overhaul mod that expands on the experience and leveling systems by adding even more features like perks, abilities, difficulty options and so on. You can play with different builds and even learn about magic and use spells. Basically, this mod transforms The Forest into a fantasy RPG. IMPORTANT: This mod requires the “Builder Core” utility.

The Forest Mods: Champions of The Forest

Building & Crafting

Building But Better

A simple mod that makes positioning and rotating placeable objects easier.

Better Blueprints

This mod is between a good utility and a bit of a cheat so it depends on how you want to use it. The best features allow to “reverse rotate” objects and to build literally everywhere.

Spacious Holders

A very tiny mod that allows carrying more logs, stones and sticks in your log sled.

The Forest Mods: Spacious Holders
Easy Building

Another mod between a cheat and a punch of realism. Easy Building halves the required resources of every building by half. You won’t have to destroy an entire wood to build just a chair and a table but, on the other hand, big buildings will be much easier to build.

Anti Log Despawn

It simply stops logs from disappearing if you leave them around instead of putting them in a collector.

Player and Mechanics


This mod the mechanics related to the cannibals. To put it bluntly, it scales their aggressiveness based on your actions: it raises with every kill otherwise slowly decreases every day. This mechanic applies to all different “tribes” but not to the monsters that, in turn, will always attack you.

Inner Clock

With this mod, you can finally decide for how long to sleep: from a quick nap to a deep slumber.


Ever thought that it’s a bit strange that you can’t just throw yourself on the ground and sleep to your heart’s content? Well, this mod is for you then!


I don’t recommend this mod if you’ve never played The Forest before as it’s going to be a bit of a spoiler. It provides a complete map of the island with all locations and the player and enemies’ live positions.

Quick Zoom

For some, this might be a cheat but I mostly see it as a kind of enhanced focus for vision. All this mod does is allow you to zoom your character’s sight.

Days Extender

There are two different mods for this purpose: one increases the days and nights by 25%, and the other by 50%.

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