7 Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Mods You Might Not Know

We recently wrote an article about the best VTMB mods available at the moment and it was kind of hard to leave some out of the list. For this reason, we created this article to list some mods that we couldn’t add to the previous article together with some other probably lesser-known mods.

The Bloodlines mods you might not know

War Games

Bloodlines mods: War Games
War Games

War Games is a very ambitious mod that creates a completely different setting and story to VTMB. Set during World War II, this mod will make you travel around Europe to help the Allies and the Camarilla find information about a Nazi/Sabbat project.

Unfortunately, this mod is far from perfect: it has quite a few bugs, the voice acting kind of makes you lose immersion and some of the side quests are not written too well. However, it’s a great effort from a small team that is definitely worth trying.

Vampire Bloodlines War Games V5 (install first)

Vampire Bloodlines War Games V5

War Games Patch 5.2

War Games 5.2

The Undisciplined Caitiff

Bloodlines mods: The Undisciplined Caitiff
The Undisciplined Caitiff

As the title suggests, this mod makes you play as a Caitiff with no disciplines. By progressing with the story, you’ll be able to unlock some disciplines and find your clan.

Though there aren’t enormous changes, The Undisciplined Caitiff adds a few new quests, makes some changes to the main quest and, of course, changes some of the game mechanics.

VTMB: Camarilla Edition

Bloodlines mods: VTMB: Camarilla Edition
VTMB: Camarilla Edition

Camarilla Edition quite simply reworked the mechanics of the game to make it a bit more challenging especially for everything that concerns blood.

For example, this mod introduces bloodloss so that feeding and having blood packs are now very important. Additionally, all disciplines are either tweaked or completely changed.

final Camarilla Edition Installer

Kickin It Oldschool RPG

Nice little mod that reworks everything about guns. In a nutshell, this mod makes guns deadlier since the beginning of the game. You can expect higher damage from all ranged weapons and a few tweaks regarding accuracy.

Barabbah’s Addon (ex 7 New Clans Addon)

Bloodlines mods: Barabbah's Addon (ex 7 New Clans Addon)
Barabbah’s Addon (ex 7 New Clans Addon)

Pretty straightforward, this mod adds 14 new playable clans though, of course, you can only choose between one “set” of 7 clans per playthrough. It’s a nice mod if you want to play the game with new clans, some of which also have new disciplines.

Barabbah's addon v5.4 for UP 11.0 Plus

NPCs Improved

Bloodlines mods: NPCs Improved
NPCs Improved

This is a graphic enhancer for almost all NPCs in the game. It gives them a much better and more defined look. The author of the mod, Tahril, also has other graphic mods worth checking out.

Player Skins

Bloodlines mods: Ventrue player skin
Ventrue player skin

There are quite a few mods changing the player’s skin and I suggest you check your favorite directly on the dedicated Nexus category page. In particular, the modder Marius217 created quite a collection for all clans so you might want to check out his work.

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