The best mods for Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines in 2022

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is clearly a game that aged well and this is thanks to its great community that kept it alive with patches and mods. So if you’re ready for yet another playthrough, it’s likely that there’s a mod you haven’t tried yet or an update you might have missed. If this is your first time playing VTMB then, lucky you, you have plenty of choices to enjoy this immortal masterpiece.

The best VTMB mods as of 2022

VTMB Unofficial Patch (U.P.) 11.3

VTMB Unofficial Patch (U.P.) 11.1.6
VTMB Unofficial Patch (U.P.) 11.3

The Unofficial Patch is a must. It fixes countless bugs and restores previously cut content (quests, levels, characters, dialogues, etc). If you want to experience a playable vanilla VTMB, this is all you need.

It’s constantly updated (this version was released on October 12, 2022) and reliable.

Unofficial Patch 11.3

X20 Mod

VTMB mods: X20
X20 Mod

There are two versions of this mod: basic and full. X20 Basic changes only textures and it is compatible with almost any other mod. X20 Full changes textures (different from the Basic version), texts for computers and item descriptions, some dialogue files, and it’s best used without any other mod.

The fans of World of Darkness will surely enjoy the many references and easter eggs that X20 adds.

X20 Basic

X20Mod 1.11 Basic

X20 Plus

X20Mod 1.11 Plus

Clan Quest Mod (CQM)

VTMB mods: Clan Quest Mod (CQM)
Clan Quest Mod (CQM)

Probably the best mod you can find. CQM adds a lot of new content including one extra quest for each clan, a whole new area (East L.A.) with fully-voiced quests, 3 different endings, and a few extra quests. It also comes with the U.P. 9.2 and allows integration with other mods (links in the titles):

It’s recommendable to install CQM on a clean VTMB installation and don’t mix it with any other mod other than the ones aforementioned.

Clan Quest Mod 4.1 Full Installer

VTM: The Final Nights (TFN)

VTMB mods: VTM: The Final Nights (TFN)
VTM: The Final Nights (TFN)

With The Final Nights, the original story is unchanged but almost everything else is different. This mod changes the 7 original clans with other 7 clans from the Vampire the Masquerade universe and adds new disciplines. There are also a few new quests, NPCs and music as well as different game mechanics and a revisited combat system.

To properly install it, download and install TFN 1.6 HD Full first, then do the same for the 1.6.1 Hotfix.

VTM Final Nights 1.6 HD Full

VtM: The Final Nights 1.6 HD (Full)

VTM Final Nights 1.6.1 Hotfix

VtM: The Final Nights 1.6.1 HD (Hotfix)

Companion Mod (Optional)

This is an optional mod if you want to have the companion mod integrated with TFN.

Companion Mod Core v2 for The Final Nights 1.6.1

Companion Mod Core v2 for TFN 1.6.1

Antitribu Mod 1.1 (ATM)

VTMB mods: Antitribu Mod 1.1 (ATM)
Antitribu Mod 1.1 (ATM)

For certain aspects, Antitribu is similar to The Final Nights. It adds 7 new playable clans, adds a few new quests, and changes thousands of textures and audio effects. What makes this mod special is the addition of new, truly epic disciplines that will completely change your approach to the game (full list here).

The big drawback is that, unfortunately, the mod is a bit buggy and unfinished. It’s recommendable to play it just to try some different disciplines and experience some of the new bosses (many references to World of Darkness and movies).

According to modders on Planet Vampire Forums, however, a new version of the mod is currently under development though there’s currently no news about a possible release date.

Antitribu 1.1

Antitribu 1.1

Antitribu 1.1 Hotfix

Version 1.1 Hotfix

Bloodlines Extreme (B.E.)

VTMB mods: Bloodlines Extreme (B.E.)
Bloodlines Extreme (B.E.)

Think that VTMB is too easy? Then raise the stakes with Bloodlines Extreme. This mod increases the difficulty of the game in several ways: enemies have higher HP and better attacks, there’s less money to be earned, and many passwords have been changed (no more ‘sunrise’ or ‘lakers’, I’m afraid). In addition, B.E. also improves some textures and NPCs’ skins.

BLOODLINES EXTREME (for vtmb+up11.1.6)


VTMB mods: Prelude

Nice little mod that adds a story before the events of VTMB that we all know (hence the name Prelude). You start as a vampire hunter of the Society of Leopold under the orders of Bach himself.

This mod has new locations, good mechanics and powerful enemies but, unfortunately, it’s a bit hindered by the lack of voice acting. In any case, it’s definitely worth a try.

Bloodlines Prelude I 1.7

If you enjoy VTMB, you surely love its soundtrack. If you want to know more about the man behind it, check our article Rik Schaffer Beyond the Masquerade Bloodlines.

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