Best Darksynth Artists for Your Thrilling Cyberpunk Moments

As a fan of cyberpunk movies and 80’s music, I’ve decided to list some of the most original and interesting dark synthwave artists (I’ve heard so far).

Whether you are a gamer on your final quest to destroy an evil corporation or an invincible nightrider looking for some city thrill and excitement, darksynth can help you travel back in the 80s and give you that adrenaline boost to intensify the moment.

In case you are intrigued but still not sure what dark synthwave really is or where it originates from, let me quickly summarize it for you.

Synthwave: The Father of Darksynth

Synthwave music is a nostalgic reincarnation of the late 70s and 80s original synthwave. By “original”, I mean the time when guitars were replaced by synthesizers and bands like Depeche Mode were conquering the music charts. The Synthwave that we know today emerged in the mid-2000s and is, therefore, a modern product of that period.

The modern synthwave started as an underground movement, from French musicians and bands like Kavinsky, David Grellier, Justice and M83. It was also inspired by movies like Blade Runner and Akira, as well as video games like Out Run (1986). Due to its growing popularity, synthwave eventually evolved, leading to the creation of various subgenres. Dark synthwave was one of them.

What is Darksynth?

Darksynth or dark synthwave focuses on the darker side of the 1980s and is inspired by B-horror movies, pulp science-fiction and comic books. The sound is a unique mix of metal, electronic music and synthesizer, combined with fast or heavy beats and dark vibes.

Some of the Best Darksynth Artists (so far)


Perturbator, The Uncanny Valley
The Uncanny Valley (2016) Album Cover

Perturbator is undoubtfully one of the first and most successful darksynth musicians. The release of his album Terror 404 reshaped synthwave and increased its popularity.

Carpenter Brut

Carpenter Brut Leather Teeth
Leather Teeth (2018) Album Cover

Franck Hueso, better known for his stage name Carpenter Brut, is another iconic pioneer of the genre. His music is rather diverse, as he experiments with different kinds of instruments and sounds. His music takes inspiration from 80’s blockbusters and horror B-movies, as well as bands like Justice, Iron Maiden, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd and many others.


Deadlife Bionic Chrysalis
Bionic Chrysalis (2017) Album Cover

Deadlife is a unique artist from the UK, producing rich and solid retro-cyborg music with a pinch of noir sounds. His music is melodic, with a groovy rhythm and often accompanied by female robotic vocals.

Dan Terminus

Dan Terminus Last  Call for All Passengers
Last Call for All Passengers (2020) Album Cover

Dan Terminus is another creative musician from France who drifts away from the general synthwave sound. His music is quite diverse, complex and melodic as he experiments with different sounds and rhythms.


Ainoma Manhunter
Manhunter (2019) Album Cover

Ainoma is a dark synthwave Russian project created by Lex Rif. The music can be described as a mix of retro, dark and horror ambiance. The sound is immersive and a perfect representation of a gloom apocalyptic world where you struggle to survive.


Roborg CyberCrime
CyberCrime (2017) Album Cover

Roborg is a Czech musician producing futuristic and dark cyborg synthwave. He brings the genre to another evolutionary level, as his sounds are solid, detailed and complex.


GosT Possessor
Possessor (2018) Album Cover

GosT is probably one of the darkest and most “aggressive” musicians on this list as hard sounds and growls strongly dominate his music. His first albums are dark and horror movie-influenced but, with every following project, his music gets even heavier and closer to metal.

Dance With the Dead

Dance with  the Dead Driven to  Madness
Driven to Madness (2022) Album Cover

The duo from California used to play for various metal bands and that’s easy to tell. Their background is deeply carved into their music as they manage to mix metal, rock and 80’s synthwave splendidly.

VHS Glitch

VHS Glitch  Night Hunt
Night Hunt (2019) Album Cover

VHS Glitch is a Japanese artist with various talents. He is a composer, graphic designer and illustrator. He composed soundtracks for minimal 8bit games like “Chrome Death” and “Demons With Shotguns”

Honorable Mentions:


Shredder 1984

Electric Dragon

Glitch Black

Do you like our list? Listen to the full darksynth playlist on Vremennik’s YouTube channel for more retro-futuristic treats. Enjoy!

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