7 Weird and Funny Skyrim Mods Released in 2022

There are many uncertainties in this world but one of the few things you can always rely on are Skyrim mods. More than 10 years since its release and still dozens of new mods are released on Nexus every day.

For this article, we found 7 silly mods released in 2022 to add a bit of humor and non-sense to Skyrim.

Here’s our list (links in the titles):

Burger Jarl

This mod adds a new inn between Whiterun and Rorikstead run by Thorsteinn Burger-Flipper and I guess you can imagine what kind of food is served there. Cheeseburgers, Breton Fries and Chicken Nuggets are some of the meals that you can order either inside the inn or at the “Ride-through” stall outside.

Burger Jarls adds 6 new meals, 2 new beverages, a fully operational inn and the music of the in-house bard “Carl the Jarl”. It also features the integration with survival mode for role-players that are looking for some non-lore-friendly new food.

Silly Skyrim Mods: Burger Jarl

Caught Red Handed – Quest Expansion

If you (or your character) have nothing against the cult of Dibella then this mod is for you. It targets the quest “Caught Red Handed” in Riften and its objective is fairly simple: give us the opportunity to let Haelga “live her life in peace”, as the quest author puts it.

The mod is fully voiced and rewards you with a Mark of Dibella craftable amulet and an “Experienced Lover’s Comfort” bonus after some funny fade-to-black scenes.

Silly Skyrim Mods: Caught Red Handed – Quest Expansion

Croc – Silly Fully Voiced Argonian Follower

Croc is a silly companion that makes weird sounds and it’s likely to break every serious moment in the game. Inspired by the late ’90s video game Croc, this mod is perfect if you want a non-sense/weird/cute companion for your adventures.

Silly Skyrim Mods: Croc – Silly Fully Voiced Argonian Follower

Thief of Sweetrolls

How many times guards have told you “Let me guess… Someone stole your sweetroll” and you couldn’t understand why they would ask such a question to the Dragonborn? Probably never. But if you did this mod fixes this problem!

A gang of sweetrolls addicts is now wandering the cities and towns of Skyrim, stealing and pickpocketing sweetrolls to finally put some sense in that infamous line from the guards.

Image of a sweetroll addict from the mod Thief of Sweetrolls.
Silly Skyrim Mods: Thief of Sweetrolls.

Barstool Brawler

A truly immersive mod for tavern brawlers looking for some realism. When the fight starts to degenerate, why use your fists only when you could use a stool?

Silly Skyrim Mods: Barstool Brawler

Lohan the Drunkard – Animal Follower

Another animal companion mod but this one is definitely more powerful and surreal. Lohan is a Horker capable of strong magic attacks and full of ale and skooma that he’s willing to share. The icing on the cake is his soothing noir-like voice.

Image of Lohan from the mod Lohan the Drunkard - Animal Follower
Silly Skyrim Mods: Lohan the Drunkard – Animal Follower

Kanjs – Pizza Beheader

The last silly Skyrim mod on the list is this huge weapon shaped like a pizza slice. It’s not likely to stay long on your active mod list but the lovers of huge Berserk-like weapons (and pizza) should be happy.

Image of the pizza sword from the mod Kanjs - Pizza Beheader
Silly Skyrim Mods: Kanjs – Pizza Beheader

Did you like our picks of funny Skyrim mods? If you’re in the mood for learning something about Skyrim lore, check our article on Skyrim dragon language.

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