Creative Steampunk Art for Your Home: Don’t Throw Your Junk

Steampunk Art is not always as expensive as you might think. Sometimes, all you need is a good idea, skills and some “junk”. Yes! Your junk is precious and the fact that it’s still stuck in your garage or basement is proof of that. The time has come to dust off your forsaken stuff and put it to better use. Here’s what you need to look for.

The Key to Steampunk Aesthetic

One of the reasons why steampunk is so popular is because of its classical and aged look. Old objects are usually valuable, hard to obtain and full of history. They keep the secrets of their previous owners or at least we wish to believe there is some dramatic story behind them.

Additionally, steampunk art is a combination of science and fiction which gives artists the unlimited possibility to unleash their deepest creativity.

To recreate the desired steampunk aesthetic, you’d need objects with a Victorian/industrial feel to them. During the Victorian era, steam engines were the major source of power. Therefore, you should focus on parts like cogs, gears, springs, clockworks or similar mechanisms.

As for materials, the most commonly used ones are metals like bronze, brass, iron or steel. Nevertheless, glass, wood or red bricks are also suitable additions. There’s really no limit nor rules to the materials you can use.

In addition to its “raw” and minimalistic look, Steampunk art is characterized by dark colors, where warm colors dominate over cold ones. The most frequent ones are dark orange (copper and brass color tones), brown, burgundy and bottle green.

Now that you know what to look for in your stash, let’s explore some plausible ideas for your potentially recyclable stuff.

Steampunk Art Ideas

Bicycle Wheel Chandelier and Lights

Wheels can be applied to numerous home decorations: tables, chandeliers, wall clocks, and more. For further customization and extra character, you can add bicycle chains, gears or tiny cogs.

Wrench Art

Wrenches are a powerful tool that can add an industrial look to almost anything you want. You can use them to create wall clocks, photo frames, holders, and pretty much all kinds of indoor or outdoor decoration in order to achieve the desired industrial or steampunk aesthetic effect. The best part is that it’s not expensive and it’s relatively easy to do.

Speedometer Lamp and Wall Hanger

Before converting your car or motorbike for scrap, make sure you keep all the goodies. Speedometers could be an interesting and creative addition to your house. You can use them to craft table lamps or wall hangers.

Suitcase Cabinet

Old suitcases are too pretty to be thrown and too uncomfortable to be used for traveling. Instead of letting them be swollen by dust, you could use them as a cabinet.

Piano Bar and Bookcase

Musical instruments are not cheap to come by but in case you have an old one, make sure you treat it well. Otherwise, you can transform it into different kinds of furniture like a bookcase, wine rack or even a piano bar.

Motorcycle Lamp

Motorcycles headlights, gears and even gas tanks make for great industrial or steampunk art creations. You can use them to craft table lamps or tinier lamps hanging on your wall.

Sewing Machine Sink

The Singer sewing machines are beautiful furniture that can be placed anywhere you wish: in the entrance hall, in your living room, your garden or even your bathroom.

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