10 Stunning Folk Metal Bands From Around the World

Pretty much everyone has at least a vague idea of folk music but probably only a few know about folk metal. Usually, we associate the use of traditional instruments to a village festival, some special event or maybe some RPG (role-play game). However, there’s much more to it. Many folk artists love to experiment and mix it with contemporary music. That’s how mixed folk genres started and the trend has been spreading all over the world for a few decades already.

The Origin of Folk Metal

Folk metal is a particularly interesting combo as it combines two genres that might seem quite distant yet certain bands managed to combine together perfectly. Canonically, Skyclad (UK) and Cruachan (Ireland) are considered the firsts folk metal bands. These bands also represent the duality of the genre as Skyclad was originally a thrash metal band while some of Cruachan members had more of a folk background.

Skyclad’s album The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth is considered the milestone of the genre and the inspiration for future generations of folk metal artists. The genre spread quite quickly towards Scandinavia, Finland in particular, then the rest of Europe and by the early 2000s also the Middle East and North Africa. Folk metal artists can now be found literally all over the world and our list wants to show you precisely that and introduce folk metal artists that you might not know.

List of Folk Metal Bands

The HU (Mongolia)

Ritual Day (China)

Bloodywood (India)

Al Qaynah (Afghanistan)

Al-Namrood (Saudi Arabia)

Balkandji (Bulgaria)

Eluveitie (Switzerland)

Myrath (Tunisia)

Xipe Totec (Mexico)

Gyibaaw (Canada)

Check our playlist on YouTube for more folk metal bands from around the world and feel free to share your favorite band or any other band that you’d like to see on the list.

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