Elder Scrolls Trivia: Fun Facts About Skyrim Dragon Language

Dragon language in Skyrim is one of many examples of constructed languages, a truly crazy thing to think about. Creating a whole language from scratch is no small feat and it definitely requires a huge amount of creativity and at least a pinch of madness. The most widely spoken constructed language is Esperanto but the most famous are Klingon (Star Trek), Elven (LotR), Dothraki (Game of Thrones), and Skyrim dragon language.

How to Learn Skyrim Dragon Language

Very famous also thanks to the huge amount of memes and videos about Fus Ro Dah, Skyrim dragon language is relatively easy to learn. There are about 650 words, no tenses and phrases are made by no more than three words. Easy right? If you feel inspired, there’s even a complete course online. It covers everything from the basics, grammar, reading, and composing sentences.

Dragon Alphabet with Romanic correspondence
Dragon Alphabet

Skyrim dragon language is heavily inspired by the cuneiform alphabet, the first alphabet in the history of humankind used in ancient Mesopotamia. Pronunciation, instead, derives mostly from Germanic languages. Vowel and diphthongs, in particular, sound very similar to Norwegian and Swedish. In-game, it can be seen only on dragon walls, burial grounds, and in a few books, and it can be heard only on a few occasions.

Dragon language in Skyrim and Elder Scrolls lore

Though technically learnable, the Thu’um is actually still practiced by only a few characters in Skyrim. Graybeards aside, which are the teachers of the Way of the Voice, only Ulfrik, Miraak, the undead dragon priests and the Draugr can use shouts. Miraak has the unique primate of being the only character in Elder Scrolls lore that created a shout made of four words.

example of dragon language from in-game book
Skyrim book “Dragon Language: Myth no More”

Speaking of lore, and trivia, probably only a few Elder Scrolls fans know that dragon language does not appear for the first time in Skyrim. Its first appearance dates back to TES II Daggerfall where we find it as a learnable skill. The skill allows the player to pacify dragons and draconic creatures just with the power of the voice. Contrarily to what happens in Skyrim, the skill can be learned at the Mages Guild, the Akatosh Chantry, and the Temple of Kynareth.

If you feel up for the challenge, head to thuum.org and start learning the Skyrim dragon language now!
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