A Bittersweet Rock Playlist: The Little Things Are a Big Deal

It’s January. Christmas and New Year are gone. I’ve realized I ate more than I should have, I drank more than I should have and I might have forgotten to send a gift or two to some people.

Anyway, the post-winter-holiday period can be long and gloomy. With the pandemic on the run, I am sure that many of us feel like a dog on a leash, restricted to walk wherever we want to and keeping a distance from everyone and everything we care about. Consequently, we have all found our own ways of venting the frustration out, from destructive anxiety to discreet and restrained melancholia.

Why so serious? Dark knight, the joker gif
“Why so serious?” – The joker, Dark Knight

Take It With a Pinch of Salt

Despite the moments of loneliness and social distance, 2020 also taught us, or rather reminded us, of the simple things in life we tend to ignore as we are always in a rush to get somewhere. I, for example, did one of the most ordinary things a person could do. I just got into the car for a night ride with my partner and together we journeyed around town, with no purpose and no specific direction, without being pressured by time or people.

It reminded me of how great it was to drive and to be in a car, instead of simply using it as a means of transportation. It also made me remember some good old songs and soundtracks that put me in the mood for a city night drive. So, I thought of sharing my bittersweet rock playlist for those of us, feeling nostalgic or carrying bits of bittersweet feelings inside. If I didn’t hit the spot, well…better luck next time.

The Little Things Are a Big Deal

This is to commemorate the end of the year and all of the sweet memories it left behind. Even though 2020 sucked and everyone is desperately trying to forget it, it still happened. So, let’s give it a last “Goodbye” with a sneering smile and thank it for making us that much stronger and more resilient to world problems. And don’t forget the little things: the black hot coffee in the morning, the smile from a stranger and the cold, yet sunny days in winter.

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