Amazingly Restored Samurai Pictures from the XIV Century

(Sources: Dagospia and DailyMail)

A young Swedish student, Julius Backman Jääskeläinen, made us an early Christmas gift: he restored some amazing samurai pictures and other shots taken during the mid-XIV Century in Japan and China.

A special mention goes to Felice Beato‘s picture of a group of Samurai planning their next attack during the Boshin War (1868-1869) which was really brought back to life with such vivid and intense colors. This picture is also important for its significance, reflecting the “final battle” between traditional-imperial Japan and progressive-monarchic Japan.

The Boshin War in a Nutshell

This war started as a samurai rebellion against the progressive military government that was trying to modernize Japan in order to compete against the European powers that were threatening the island. The samurai, however, were against the loss of the traditions that wanted to protect at all costs. After forming an alliance with like-minded nobles, they started a rebellion to overthrow the government and restore the “imperial domination”. But not all samurai were involved with the “imperials”, Saigo Takamori, known as the “last samurai”, played an important role in the final victory of the Meiji that helped shape Japan as the advanced and progressive country that we all know nowadays.

But enough words, enjoy the pictures!

  • Samurai Planning a Battle
  • Samurai gathering
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Over the hills
  • A young student
  • Rice fields
  • Militia Member
  • Statues

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